Will There Be Bright 2 on Netflix Get Through All the News and Updates

Bright Is an American fantasy film which features an alternate present- day. The Netflix Original is one of the most streamed movies on the platform.

Bright 2 Release Date 

Bright was released on December 22, 2017. The movie got about 11 million streams becoming one of Netflix’s most streamed movies. But the movie received a lot of negative reviews from critics.

Bright 2 was supposed to start shooting in Spring 2019, but was delayed as Will Smith was busy with Bad Boys For Life. He had other commitments too. In January, the director of the movie confirmed that the movie is still going to be made and filming will start soon. But the filming has been pushed further due to the coronavirus pandemic. Reports suggest the filming of the movie will start sometime in Fall 2020. We can expect the movie to be released sometime in 2021.

Bright 2 Cast 

Although no official details about the cast is released yet, we can expect it to include Will Smith as Daryl Ward, a police officer ; Joel Edgerton as Nick Jackoby, an orc cop; Happy Anderson as Hildebrandt Ulysses Montehugh, a federal cop ; Lucy Fry as Tikka, an elf who has the magic wand ; Dawn Olibieri as Sherri Ward, Daryl’s wife.

New characters will be introduced in the forthcoming movie but no updates are available on the same.

Bright 2 Plot 

The movie is set in an alternate present in Los Angeles where humans and others creatures co- exist. Daryl is a veteran police officer and Jackoby, an orc is paired with him to be trained. They have thier indifferences. After a series of events, Nick and Jackoby have no choice but to take care of a elf girl, who has a powerful magic wand while fighting off people. In the end, they capture the Dark Lord, a semi- mythical creature, hide the wand and things go back to normal.

No details on the plot of Bright 2 has been disclosed. We can expect it to pick off after the events of the first movie with the adventures of Nick and Jackoby.

Nonetheless, the movie is going to magical and will be a treat to fantasy and action enthusiasts.

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