Whats Watermelon Sugar Mean and When It Was Released

Harry Styles is the latest internet sensation to hit the screens if you ask anyone but John Oliver, who’s crushing on Adam Driver for some reason. Well if you’re a fan of One Direction, you are definitely following the lives of the singers who have departed the group now and made individual careers. Harry Styles has been quite successful in that area and has gone on to produce many exciting singles.

The Music Video for Harry Styles’ latest single just dropped and fans have been buzzing about it. Well, they’ve got many reasons to light up Twitter with their love for Harry Styles’ new song, but the fact that the song touches on unheard sexual terms makes them even giddier. So what is this song really about, you must be wondering. It really depends on who you ask, but the urban kids think that they’ve got the right answers for what it means. Read ahead and check to see if you think it also means what you think it does.

When Did Watermelon Sugar Release?

Harry Styles has been an icon in the pop scene for quite a while now. His angelic voice has left fans begging for more and more of the Pop Icon. Harry Styles are often quite raunchy and not just for his lyrics and sultry voice.

The song released back on November 16 of 2019 and was an immediate fan favorite. The official Music Video dropped a while later on May 18th, 2020. The song definitely has a more summer vibe to it. It comes to us in a time of need when we can’t go outside but obviously really want to. Calling the music video sexy is an understatement.

Watermelon Sugar: What Does It Mean?

Harry Styles has been playing it safe and pretending he doesn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics of his song. His cheeky fans are another story altogether though. They think they’ve caught the naughty singer in his web of lies as they’ve come out on Twitter confirming their theories of sexual pretense in the song.

His saucy songs have got the audience all teeming with pleasure as they loop his golden-voiced songs. The newest single as many Twitter fans have asked/confirmed does have a sexual meaning to it. Fans claim the title relates to oral sex and UrbanDictionary in fact confirms what they say. You can go check out the song and find out the meaning for yourself as well. Here is the song

Updated: May 19, 2020 — 1:59 pm

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