The Magicians Season 6 Cast, Plot and Release Date

Almost two decades have passed since the world of Harry Potter was established. We were all encapsulated and amazed by the deep lore of the movies and the enthralling magic it brought along. Becoming a magician, a sorcerer or even a witch has been the dream of many as their young teenage lives have been consumed with the novels of J.K. Rowling. The Magicians brings back that excitement in our lives for magic with its story adapted from the Lev Grossman’s books.

The Magicians entice us with the amazing special effects that help you immerse yourself in this magical world. The storytelling keeps you wanting for more.

The Magicians

The Magicians is set in a world of fantasy and intense drama and mystery. A show with charm and innovation that has recreated the fantasy genre that we are all so familiar with. The talented cast brings you an abundantly twisted story tugging at your heart and feeling ripe with emotions.

Quentin Coldwater, like many of us, is a fan of fantasy novels and imagine his surprise when he realizes that magic is indeed real. He receives an invitation to become a student magician in the Brakebills University of Magical Pedagogy. His childhood friend Julia Wicker is steered into the dark side of magic as she is recruited by a dark society that promises to teach her even though she failed to get into Brakebills. We see how their journey has forked and what lies ahead for both of them as the show progresses.

The Magicians Season 6 Cast

The cast here is not as young as the ones in the Harry Potter universe. They are all actually 20 somethings but its not just young adults geeking around.

The main casts are Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Hale Appleman, and Olivia Taylor Dudley.

Is There A The Magicians Season 6?

The season finale that aired on April 1 was, unfortunately, the end of this show. The show was canceled after 5 impressive seasons on the air. The creators did look around for other networks to continue this show, but none were interested to end it creatively. The creators instead created a dramatic end to season 5 and the show altogether

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