Spenser Confidential 2 Netflix Release Date and Cast News

I’m pretty sure you will be having all these questions in your mind right now but don’t worry because I have all the answers.

Spencer Confidential is an American action comedy film. T is directed by Peter Berg. It is based on the novel Wonderland by Ace Atkins. This film was released on Netflix on 6th March, 2020. This film has also marked its fifth collaboration with Mark Wahlberg and Berg. This story revolves around a former Boston police officer, who has got a task to take down Trinitario drug gang after two Boston officers were murdered. Basically it is a twisted conspiracy. This movie is produced by Neal H. Mortiz, Toby Ascher, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson and Peter Berg. The movie received a lot of mixed reaction.

After watching the trailer many people were excited to watch this movie. Many of us are waiting for Spencer Confidential 2 as part one was very thrilling.

Spenser Confidential 2 When Is It Releasing?

Spencer Confidential was released on 6th March, 2020. There is no confirmation from the team yet but don’t worry about that folks because we can expect the release of Spencer Confidential as there are such big stars in the movie. Spencer Confidential is the first film for Netflix. Netflix hasn’t given a green light for the part 2. Looking at the situation we are in now, I don’t think we can expect the movie to come out only later in 2021 or 2022.

Who Is the Cast for Spencer Confidential?

Spencer Confidential had some A list stars in the movie. As Spencer Confidential 2 is not confirmed yet, but we can surely expect the same cast to be there in Spencer Confidential with probably some new addition. The cast for Spencer Confidential are :

Mark Wahlberg plays as Spencer, Winston Duke plays as Hauk, Alan Arkin plays  Duas Henry, Ilza Shlesinger plays as Cissy Davis, Michael Gaston plays as Captain Boylan, Bokeem Woodbine plays as Driscole, Marc Mason plays as Wayne Cosgrove, James  Dumont plays as Bentwood, Post Malone plays as Squeeb, Collen Camp plays as Betty, Hope Olaide Wilson plays as Lelitia, Kip Weeks plays as Macklin, Brandon Scales plays as Terrence Graham, Aryana Brown plays as Federal Agent Burton, Dustin Tudur plays as Federal Agent Fingle, Josh Cronin plays as Minimart Clerk, Alfred Briere plays as Scott Traylor, Rebecca Gibel plays as Laurie Boylan, Alexandra Vino plays as Gloria Weisnewski, Chad Nehemiah Reed-Lopes plays as Terrence’s son and Chaz Jeremiah Reed-Lopes plays as Terrence’s son.

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