Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date and Update

The second half of Rick and Morty’s latest adventures have returned. Season 4 is back after 4 months between Episode 5 and 6, it is better than ever. The sixth episode is titled “Never Ricking Morty” and it aired on 3rd May 2020. The creator Dan Harmon said that the gap of two years between Season 3 and 4 will be the longest. He even claimed that the long gap was ridiculous. He assured a fast return to production.

Rick and Morty: What Is It About?

A movie that came out back in 1985 can best explain the relationship between grandpa Rick and his grandson Morty. Dan Harmon, the famous creator of Community and Justin Roiland from Gravity Falls fame are the creators of this show. Dan Harmon basically created an extremely offensive version of Doc Brown and Marty from ‘Back To The Future’, but instead to change the names to avoid a copyright issue. Rick is a mad scientist by profession and a jerk (to be inoffensive) by nature. Rick and Morty go on sci-fi adventures and what’s different about this animated series is not its animation style. The animation is pretty generic but what sets it apart is its meta nature and its extremely offensive language.

The adventurers explore every realm possible in the sci-fi genre to accomplish Rick’s scientific curiosity. The animation helps to explore the creative and weird side of science and complements the hilarious nature of the show. The show is very often referred to as being meta. Morty’s complacent life is turned upside down as his regular family life and general troubles are turned way over their heads.

Rick and Morty Season 6

Mixed opinions have come about the latest season of Rick and Morty. Some have complained about it being too meta. The episodes have practically been standalone shows, so anyone not knowing much about the Rick and Morty universe could follow along. So you could start from Season 6 and stay up to date with the fans.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 4

The latest episode of Rick and Morty is titled “Never Ricking Morty”. You can watch the latest episode on Hulu+ as soon as it airs. If you’re patient enough, you can wait for the entire season to air and then watch all the episodes on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

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