Restaurants on the Edge Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story and Is There Any Trailer ?

A rescue mission is on, to help broken restaurants around the world from failure. It is up to the experts, Nick Liberato, Karin Bohn, and Dennis Prescott to save them by connecting them to their local culture beyond their gorgeous views.

Dennis Prescott is a successful Canadian chef and a cookbook author. Nick Liberato is a social media giant and a celebrity chef. Karin Bohn is a Restauranteur and an award-winning Interior Designer as well.

Restaurants on the Edge Season 1

The show, often compared to Kitchen Nightmares by Gordon Ramsay, has a very similar idea but the execution is widely different. It is much more about airy dreams than nightmares and isn’t as dining focused as Kitchen Nightmares.

It had mixed opinions amongst the audience and there are differences in how they think the decisions are made. Many enjoy the places the show takes them and some believe it takes the stage away from the locales.

Restaurants on the Edge Season 2 Plot

The travel destinations are gorgeous and vary wildly in the views that they offer. The show promises to be more airy, pleasant, and more of a pleasant viewing experience than detailed storytelling. OutEast Entertainment and Marbel Media initially created the first season with 13 episodes.

Netflix has announced that Finland, Slovenia, Arizona, and Muskoka are the locations of the second season where the experts will help the restaurants and gain even more reverence.

Cast of Restaurants on the Edge Season 2

The stars from the first season Nick Liberato, Karin Bohn, and Dennis Prescott have gained an immense social media presence as the first show launched and they are set to be the presenters once again for the second season.

The cast is set to be the same for the second season and remains unchanged. The show was broken into two halves of six and seven episodes each.

Restaurants on the Edge Season 2 Release Date

The first season released in February 2020 and had six episodes. It isn’t a Netflix Original, it actually first started on Cottage Life, a Canadian Network.

The first episode of the second season is expected to come on Netflix on 8th May 2020. Check out the first season too, while you wait to see the second season and experience the stars in their natural elements.

Karin Bohn herself has released the trailer for the second season of Restaurants on the Edge in her youtube channel. You can check it out here.

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