Outlander Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Story and News About Outlander Season 6 ?

Outlander is back on TV and Season 5 is coming to an end soon. The finale airs this Sunday, May 10th. The show is about an English Combat Nurse sent back in time and this is a show that was brought from the pages to the screen by Ronald Moore. Claire returns from the War but she and her husband who were once inseparable now act like mere acquaintances. They go off on a vacation as an excuse to get to know each other as the people who had been separated for 5 years. This second honeymoon for the historian and nurse goes awry when she finds herself sent back in time after watching a pagan ritual. Lost somewhere in the 1740s, she must find her way back to her husband and her own time.

The Plot of Outlander

If you’re looking to watch something raunchy and steamy but also want some story, this is the fantasy show you should be watching. Writer-producer Ronald Moore creates the world of Diana Gabaldon’s best selling series. The show is captivating and knows how to balance action, science-fiction, and suspense.

Claire Randall, played by Caitriona Balfe, is a Nurse thrown back to the past in 1743 who makes use of her skills as a nurse without trying to raise suspicion of her truth. The show focuses on her love and loyalty for her husband from her time, which is constantly being tested with her growing affection for the Scottish gentleman Jamie Fraser.

Graphic violence is gratuitously mixed in with historical romance and the gore from the past is ever-present. Claire is the compassionate and resourceful protagonist and she handles everything the past could throw at her.

The Cast of Outlander Season 5

Although the fifth season is about to come to an end in just a few days, the creators have assured viewers that the protagonists will once again set the stage announcing two seasons in one go.

The current cast is expected to be back for the next seasons. Claire Randall or Claire Beauchamp as she is known in the past is played by the talented and beautiful actress Caitriona Balfe. The protagonists by her side Jamie and Roger are played by Sam Heughan and Richard Rankin respectively. The role of Bree has been executed amazingly by Sophie Skelton.

Outlander Season 6 News

Due to the current pandemic situation, normal predictions have been thrown out the window. The TV Production has been halted and there is no news for the continuation of work as of yet. Although filming had not started, writers had begun work on the script for the sixth season.

The sixth season will also have 12 episodes similar to its fifth season. Chaos brews in the backwoods of North Carolina during 1772, the eve of the American Revolution.

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