One Punch Man Season 3 Cancelled or Delayed? All You Need to Know the Update

One-Punch Man took the world by storm and converted a lot of people across the world into anime lovers. This sensation was created by the manga artist ONE and Yusuke Murata in early 2009 and quickly went viral. The One Punch Man webcomic was a huge hit. The anime adaptation produced by Madhouse aired in Japan first, back in Spring 2015. It brought on new Western audiences when it was released onto Netflix and garnered the attention of millions around the globe.

The second season was confirmed in September 2016 but after a year, the announcement was made that both the director and the production company would be changed. J.C.Staff took over the production with Chikara Sakurai taking over the director role.

One Punch Man Till Now

The first season was very popular and it was recognized for standing out in the Shounen genre with its simplistic and unorthodox plot. Saitama, a regular Japanese salaryman turns into the world’s strongest Superhero and becoming a hero for fun. His training to become the strongest has cost him and it’s not just his hair. His foes are knocked down in just a single punch and this has made it really boring for Saitama. He is a mentor to Genos, a cybernetical being who looks to Saitama to gain the strength that he has. Saitama joins the Hero Association as a low tier hero but advances in ranks as his feats shock and amaze people.

Season 2 introduced the first anti-hero of the series, Garou and character development of the side characters was observed. The protagonist and his sidekick meet many characters and also left the plot open to many plot points for the next season.

What after One Punch Man Season 2?

After the success of the second season of One Punch Man fans, both old and new, eagerly awaited the continuation of the story of Hero Saitama and his days of being the most powerful Superhero around. He has gone through all the heroes in the organization and even faced many a world-ending threat with ease, but what comes next for the strongest hero?

In July 2019, after the second season finale had premiered, the creators said One Punch Man would not be over. The creators promised that they will try their best to bring back the anime again. The creators asked for support from the fans in order to continue the project further.

One Punch Man Season 3 News

The third season has definitely been confirmed but the dates are yet to be announced. Fans have petitioned to bring back the director from the first season. Fan pressure could bring about this change in staff and this has pushed the production back quite a bit.

The plot will mostly focus on the Superhero association taking on their evil counterparts. We are expecting a 13 episode season which is gonna be full of action and will progress the plot further. The hilarious cast is still something to look forward to as the plot does justice to both.

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