No Time to Die – Is There Any Plan in Making of Its Sequel ?

The latest installment of the Bond films has been raising speculations about the next Bond, we can get. Many fan favorites have popped up to replace the current Bond. You can expect the creators to have their eyes set on a particular few. The Bond series is coming out with its latest installment in November 2020 and Daniel Craig has announced that he will be giving up the mantle soon.

James Bond

Agent 007(Double-O-Seven) of her Majesty’s Secret Service or MI6 is the character created by Ian Fleming. He was introduced in the classic thriller ‘Casino Royale’ back in 1953. Since then he has been the iconic spy, the womanizer, and the man who cannot be defeated. His role on the screen has been taken up by several men who have defined the character and given him their own flavor and personality.

Daniel Craig as Bond

There is a constant war amongst fans who have differing opinions on the best bond portrayal. The latest Bond has been Daniel Craig, who had received many mixed opinions when he was cast. Although the character James Bond is timeless, the actor has influenced many people and not just people from the same generation. The faces of Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Sean Connery are just some that most believe can never be replaced.

A proper bar argument is never complete without choosing the best Bond. The character of Bond is something that is appealing to people all over the world. Daniel Craig played Agent James Bond in the reboot of Casino Royale and redefined expectations for the depth of the character. He overcame hatred and has turned the audience’s expectations.

Who Is the Next Bond?

Ever since Daniel Craig’s announcement, fans have started picking their own version of Agent James Bond. There is no lack of source material for the movies and multiple reboots bring about their own personality. This is the first time the character of Bond could span across race and gender. Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Michael B Jordan, and even Daniel Craig again are in the running to be the next Bond. Although Daniel Craig has expressly denied interest in taking up the role again, his influence as Bond is causing the fans to call him back. Lashana Lynch has been one of the biggest commotion causing choices as this would spice up the entire Bond franchise. She could also bring a fresh perspective to the grim and lonely world of Agent Bond.

Updated: May 8, 2020 — 10:27 am

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