Naomi Campbell Shares a Very Beautiful Video Hugging a Two Little Kids on Twitter

George Floyd’s death jolted many living blacks and also other people. Everyone is praying for justice to him and others who lost their lives in the name of racism.

No matter what happens there are people who fight till the end and to support them many more are raising their voice against racism. ‘Every black life matters’ is going viral on social media. People are walking in the streets and running a campaign for Black lives.

Naomi Campbell posted an adorable video:

Here is Naomi Capdell doing her part. She posted a video of two kids hugging each other in a very cute and lovely way. Both of them are so adorable.

Naomi Campbell is an English model and actress. She’s also a great businesswoman.

Now, you may wonder what this video has to do in the present situation.

This video is indeed a very important thing right now. One black kid and one white kid running towards each other for a hug. There is no black and white difference there, only love and friendship.

Those kids are an inspiration to many people. Naomi Campbell has 9.2M followers on her Instagram, she shared this video with the caption “LOVE in its purest form give us all strength and hope”.

The origin of the video:

The video is actually posted on Facebook by Michael D Cisneros, one of the boy’s father. He felt really happy to see Naomi Campbell posting his video. He took Facebook to express his gratitude.

“Naomi Campbell just tweeted our boy’s viral video. This is needed now more than ever, with all the hate and racism that is continuously happening. We must work to make ourselves better, and help others be better as well. Spread kindness, stop the hate.”

Updated: June 1, 2020 — 2:06 pm

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