Many Protesters Groups Have Been Ban by Facebook Over the Georg Floyd

For two weeks, people are continuing the protest against the death of George Floyd. The groups of protestors outraged in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, people in many cities of the U.S. and the U.K. are protesting in a very distinct manner. The police officer in Minneapolis has brutally killed George Floyd. People said that the police officer treated him brutally because of his black complexion. So, now people are protesting for demolishing racial injustice.

How Are the People in Different Cities of the U.S. Protesting?

In Colorado’s Capitol, people protested by laying down with their hands back. Further, they chanted, “I can’t breathe”. George Floyd spoke only these three words lastly. Just two days back. the people in Washington DC renamed the 16th street by the words, “Black Lives Matter”. People are protesting still now in many different ways. As the whole world is fighting against the outbreak of COVID-19, the people in the U.S. are fighting for racial equality. The people in Washington DC are grouping themselves in a group and protesting in front of the White House. They are having the banners and posters in their hands. The banners are representing to stop racial injustice. Many people also wrote, “I can’t breathe” on their posters.

Facebook Is Banning Many Protestor Groups:

Now, the new actions against the protesters are taken. Facebook is trying to ban the protesters. People are gathering together and protesting, which violates the rule of social distancing. The main rule that should be followed to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing. However, the owner of Facebook said that protestors can protest through Facebook. There is no need to come on the road and break the rule of social distancing. The United States stands first for COVID-19 cases. Also, death trolls are high. So, there is an immense need to take a measure against the protestors who are breaking the rules of social distancing.

Social Distancing rules in the U.S.:

In the United States, the prime minister stated the rules of COVID-19. Every two persons should be six feet apart from each other. But, after the death of George Floyd, people started protesting without any distance between each other. So, Facebook banned many groups that are planning to protest again in California, Nebraska, New Jersey, etc.

Updated: June 16, 2020 — 4:55 pm

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