Making A Murderer Season 3 Netflix Release Date, Cast , Story and All Updates

Crime documentaries have seen a huge uptick in viewership in the last few years and Netflix has created some excellent productions. Netflix has made watching disturbing shows a weird trend. These stories are grotesquely engrossing and easy to binge-watch.


True crime is intriguing and captures the attention of many viewers on Netflix. Making A Murderer, first released in 2015 is a true-crime documentary that has left its viewers pondering.

Making A Murderer Plot

We follow the story of Steven Amery, a man from Wisconsin convicted and jailed for sexual assault and murder. The haunting truth holds you and the suspense pulls you in deeper to this story. After spending 18 years in prison, Steven is released on account of DNA evidence. Two years into his renewed freedom Steven was accused in the murder of Teresa Halbach. Facts are twisted and manipulated as they decide the fate of Steven Amery.

In the period of his freedom, another mystery looms nearer as we watch the proceedings of the disappearance and murder of the 25-year-old Halbach girl. There are many conflicting points to this case as some of the officers involved now are also involved in his first case. Avery testifies that he was framed and is being accused of murder by bent cops. Sometime after Halbach’s disappearance, it was announced that Steven’s nephew Brendan had confessed to being Steven’s co-conspirator in raping and murdering Halbach.

It has troubled many viewers watching Steven Amery’s 3 decades-long battle with the judicial system for his freedom. The docuseries has been painstakingly filmed for over a decade and the creators Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos have left nothing off the table. The hour-long episodes of the 10 episode series are novelistic in their nature and the true story is layered and perplexing.

Cast Of Making A Murderer

This documentary will show the real people and no actors will be involved. Netflix hasn’t come out with any news regarding the cast of the next season. The creators have spent a long time studying this case and are not on either side of the jury yet. They believed the case is interesting whichever way it went.

Making A Murderer Season 3 Release Date

Part two of Making A Murderer is out on Netflix now and the viewers are divided in their opinions. The supporters are looking forward to knowing what will happen to Steven. It seems that we will have to just follow the actual case to find out. Much to our dismay, Netflix hasn’t announced the Season 3 for the series yet. The plot for the next season could go many ways, delving into the past of Halbach’s family. This might also cause some issues as the Halbach family doesn’t want anything to do with the series. The story is following court proceedings, it might cause a long filming period and we might not find out anything significant in a year or two.


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