Keith Ellison Is All Set to Handle the Case of George Floyd’s Death

Keith Ellison is taking the death case of Geroge Floyd. It was announced on Sunday by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz. They believe that Keith Ellison will do Justice to everyone.

Coming to George Floyd’s death. The whole world knows what happened to him. The police, who should protect people were involved in killing them under the name of racism.
This type of police and even people are a threat to society.

Justice to George Floyd:

There are many campaigns and revolutions that took place in the past and we thought they helped and racism was totally killed. But it’s just our assumption. Right from the start to now, there are people who are still being suffering from racism. In some cases, it’s hiding and in other cases like George Floyd, it’s going publicly. But none could help it.

Considering every aspect, Ellison made sure that Justice will be done to everyone. But he doesn’t wanna hurry the interrogation to avoid a rush to judgment situation. Instead, he said, he wanted to handle it in a particular way.

Killers were charged to death: 

Derek Chauvin, an officer who killed George by kneeling on his neck is sentenced to third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. And the 3 other policemen were fired. Their punishment has not yet decided.

There are many people who haven’t believed in the Justice system. And here trust is very important, that is why Gov. Tim Walz appointed Keith Ellison.

Ellison was accepting the lead on the case with “a large degree of humility and great seriousness.” The government just wants to believe in them. They promised to do justice in every possible way.

Let’s see what happens!!

Updated: June 2, 2020 — 7:59 am

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