John Wick Chapter 4 Release Date Confirmed? All You Need to Know

The John Wick film series is one of the best action- thrillers out there. Featuring Keanu Reeves, the film series is a fan- favourite.

John Wick 4 Release Date 

The first John Wick movie was released on November 14, 2014. The second John Wick movie was released on February 17, 2017. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum was released on May 9, 2019. All three of the John Wick movies received high praises from critics and audience and became instant hits.

Although Keanu Reeves is busy working on The Matrix 4, he was supposed to film John Wick 4 which was initially supposed to release on May 21, 2021. But Lionsgate recently announced that the movie is pushed forward and another movie will be released on that date.

John Wick Chapter 4 is set to release on May 27, 2022. The reason for this delay is because all production and filming have been halted due to the current pandemic.

John Wick 4 Cast 

Although the official cast of the movie hasn’t been introduced, it will definitely include Keanu Reeves as Joh Wick, the legendary assassin; Ian McShane as Winston; Lance Reddick as Charon; Lawrence Fishburne as the Bowery King; Asia Kate Dillon as The Adjudicator; Jason Mantzoukas as the Tick Tock Man and others.

There have been reports of the additional cast being included in the forthcoming movie, but we have to wait for official updates on the same.

John Wick 4 Plot 

The story revolves around John Wick, an assassin who retires after his wife’s death. All he has left is a dog and a car his wife gifted him. After his car is stolen and his dog is killed, John sets out to find those responsible for seeking revenge. Things escalate and John is on a war against a Russian crime syndicate. John goes to Rome to fulfil a vow. He learns that there is a bounty worth 14- million on his head and every criminal all around the world is out to kill him. He is excommunicated from the Citadel and he is out on his own fighting for his life and killing anyone who goes against him.

Although no official plot of the forthcoming movie has been released, we can expect it to pick off where the third movie ended with John surviving out in the open with no help.

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