Hanuman Chalisa Cross 1 Billion Views on YouTube a New Record Is Made

We live in a country that is blessed by the presence of 33 billion gods and goddesses. We in India are ardent devotees and follow our religious regime sincerely. Starting from getting up early morning praying to Suryadeva, we believe in God. In people of our country, there is a belief that God can solve all our problems and make way with distress.

With God’s come to the various devotional songs and prayers. Their incantations are of mythic proportions with people regularly practicing them. One such devotional song arguably the most popular one is Hanuman Chalisa. A new record was created by this song on YouTube. Here are some details about this particular song.

Hanuman Chalisa Creates New Record

T-Series is the biggest music producing company in our country. It has more than 1 billion subscribers with a huge customer base. The channel was started by Gulshan Kumar and his team. Recently one of the devotional songs Hanuman Chalisa made a record on YouTube. It became the first devotional song ever to reach 1 billion views. That in itself is a milestone among all the songs presents there. It was a huge achievement for this billion-dollar music producing company.

Who Sang and Compose the Song?

Legendary singer Hariharan had sung the song. Lalit Sen and Chander were the producers of the song. They had also contributed their music expertise to make the song such a super hit composition. For those who don’t know about it, it was released first on YouTube in 2011. Since then the song had become a sensation among many in our country. It was further sung and translated in many other Indian languages. The popularity of this song can be contributed towards the devotion which Indians have towards Hanuman Ji. He is widely considered and revered to be the God of Strength. The majority of the population considers him to be their true savior and worship him with sincerest regards.

Which Other Song Crossed the Landmark?

Another Punjabi song called Launga Lauchi is the only one to have crossed the 1 billion mark. But this became the only Indian song to have touched that landmark. Only these two songs have been at the peak since it’s inception.

Updated: May 27, 2020 — 12:45 pm

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