George Floyd Why Was He Arrested as Incident Growing Day by Day

George Floyd, an African- American man died 4  days ago after being pinned down by a police officer.

About George Floyd’s Death

On Monday evening, in Minneapolis, police responded to a call from a shopkeeper who said someone was trying to pass over a potentially counterfeit bill. They arrested George Floyd. The surveillance video from a nearby shop shows George complying with the police who were taking him away in handcuffs. But, a recording from a bystander, which was leaked on the Internet, shows a white police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for more than seven minutes.

Although onlookers protested and asked the police officer to stop saying his life is in jeopardy, it did not stop. From the video, it is shown that Floyd repeatedly says the words, “I can’t breathe”, “Please Officer, I can’t breathe”, “I’m about to die.” Later the police officer removed his knee. By then, Floyd’s body was unresponsive and limp. A person nearby can be heard saying, “They just killed him.” George was soon taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced that he is dead A police statement said that George looked like he was under “medical distress,” and that he did not mention anything about this when he was being pinned down to the ground which was compressing his airway compromising his breathing.


On Tuesday, hundreds of protestors gathered at the spot where George was “murdered” in Minneapolis. There was a police precinct nearby where the protestor pelted stones on police officers from the outside. They were later scattered after tear gas was used on them. The Mayor of Minneapolis fired 4 officers involved in the incident within 24 hours of the video being leaked online. On Thursday, protester set a precinct in Minneapolis on fire. People from around the world are supporting George Floyd and are demanding justice. His parents said he was murdered by the police and they treated him worse than animals.

About George Floyd

George Floyd is a 46-year-old African- American man who originally was born and brought up in a black neighborhood in Houston. He was a high school basketball player. He later moved to Minneapolis and lived in the suburbs.

Updated: May 29, 2020 — 7:12 am

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