Fuller House Season 5 Cast, Plot, and Details About Part 2 Trailer

One of the most iconic sitcoms you could ever watch is The Full House. The comedic and wholesome show was one that many grew up watching. If you’re a young reader and not aware of the genre of the family sitcoms, this is something you definitely should watch.

It is a fond memory for many watching the Tanner family go through a rollercoaster of emotions and have a bundle of laughs. They might be an unnatural family, but they are a family nevertheless.

What Is the Story of Full House? Why You Should Watch It?

Back in the 1980s, comedic sitcoms generally followed a specific theme. The theme of family was a popular one and one that promoted a wide viewership.

Meet the Tanner family, a recently widowed father of three adorable girls and helping him raise them is his brother in law and his best friend. The guys decide to move in with the widowed broadcaster for a few weeks and end up living with him for 8 years. Danny Tagger the father of the three girls is played by Bob Saget. His brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis, played by John Stamos, is the rockstar waiting for his big break. Danny brings his best friend Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) to help him raise the girls. Danny’s daughters are DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle.

The show was always a part of the Top 25 shows for years but ABC decided to cancel it after 8 years on air due to increasing production costs. The show recently came up with an original spin-off two decades after. Fuller House is the new show with DJ Tanner, now DJ Fuller returning as the widowed mother of three sons. Many audiences were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the reboot and watching the kids as grown-ups is a very heartwarming experience.

Who is the Cast of Fuller House Season 5 ?

Here is the trailer for Part A of the fifth season of Fuller House.

Candace Cameron Bure returns as a grown-up DJ Tanner. Jodie Sweeten as Stephanie Tanner continues her role from Full House as well. Andrea Barber plays the role of Kimmy Gibler, the childhood best friend of DJ Tanner. Together they raise DJ’s sons Jackson (Michael Campion), Max(Elias Harger), and Tommy (Fox and Dashiel Messitt). Jackson is 13, Max is 7 and Tommy is the newly born addition to the family.

When Is Fuller House Season 5 Part 2 Releasing?

Mark your calendars dear readers, for Fuller House is about to return. Fuller House is coming with Part 2 of the Season 5 on June 2. Although you might feel a bit saddened by the news that this will be the final season of Fuller House as of now. The creators are looking to tie the bow and wrap up the story of DJ Fuller in Part 2 of Season 5. They also announced that they have saved the best for last.

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