Frank Rizzo Statue Removed in Philadelphia the 5th Day of the Protest

The people in Philadelphia continued the protest for the fifth day against the death of George Floyd. However, the people are now protesting against the people, who support racism. The people in Philadelphia, on the fifth day of the protest, removed the statue of Frank Rizzo.

Why did the people in Philadelphia Remove the statue of Frank Rizzo?

The people in Philadelphia removed the statue of Frank Rizzo on Wednesday morning. However, the curfew in the city of Philadelphia continued till Thursday morning. Frank Rizzo was a former Mayor and Police Commissioner of the city of Philadelphia. This man once forced people to vote for the white candidate. Frank Rizzo believed in racial injustice. Also, he would behave extremely aggressive with black people.

Even if the people removed the statue of Frank Rizzo, this does not demolish all the racial injustice. There are still many people in the United States, who discriminate on the basis of racism.

What did Mayor Jim Kenney say the people of Philadelphia?

Jim Kenney, the Mayor of the city of Philadelphia addressed the people. He told that only removing the statue is not an end of racial inequality. But, this may be the beginning of criticizing racism. Further, Mayor Kin said that Frank Rizzo treated very hash with the black and gay community of Philadelphia. He added the statue is a shameful memorial to black and gay people. Since the olden days, inequality on the basis of racism is continued. People have changed their minds and fight against racism. We all have to stay unite and raise voice against injustice. So, removing this statue is just a small step.

Further, a person, named, Frudakis, told that the city should build the monument of King or Leon Sullivan. Leon Sullivan was a social activist, who fought for the rights of black people. Frudakis said that he wants to see his country with a great and positive change in it. He did not want his sculpture would represent any racialism.

Who was Frank Rizzo?

Francis Rizzo was an American police officer. In the year 1968, he became the police commissioner of Philadelphia and served for three years. After that, he served as Mayor from the year 1972 to 1980. He was very cruel to the black and gay community. Once Frank forced people to vote for the white candidate in the elections. He always had faith in racism.

Updated: June 4, 2020 — 10:31 am

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