Euphoria Season 2 Plot, Cast and Storyline You Should Not Miss

Euphoria is an American teen drama series based on the Israeli series of the same name. The HBO series is created by Sam Levinson and narrated by Zendaya who also stars in it.

Euphoria Season 2 Release DateĀ 

The show was first announced in June 2017. The first-ever episode of Euphoria premiered on June 16, 2019. The first season consists of 8 episodes and was a huge hit. On July 11, 2019 the show was officially renewed for another season.

There has been no official news on the release date of season two. The filming of season 2 was supposed to start in April 2020 but has been halted due to the current pandemic. This would mean that fans would probably have to wait for a long time for another season of this amazing series.

Euphoria Season 2 Cast

The cast of season two will include Zendaya as Rue Bennett, a recovering addict trying to fit in ; Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs, an athelete ; Eric Dale as Nate’s father, Cal Jacobs; Maude Apatow as Rue’s childhood friend, Lexi Howard ; Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard, Lexi’s older sister ; Alexa Demi as Nate’s girlfriend, Maddy Perez; Barbie Ferraria as Kat Hernandez, a body-consious teen ; Algee Smith as Cassie’s boyfriend Christopher McKay; Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn, a transgender girl ; Storm Reid as Rue’s younger sister Rue Bennett ; Angus Cloud as a local drug dealer Feczo and others.

Reports suggest that additional characters could be included in the next season, although there has been no updates on the same.

Euphoria Season 2 PlotĀ 

The show shows the stories and experiences of a group of high school kids who get involved with various aspects ranging from drug addiction, sex, love, sexual abuse, violence, heartbeak, teenage pregnancy, abortion and other things. This controversial show shows the truth about the things a teenager can go though.

Season two will most probably pick off right where season one ended. Major character arcs like Nate’s, Jules’s, Cassie’s and others are to look forward to. Although there were theories that Rue dies, as she was seen being overdosed at the send of season one, no the the creators and Zendaya confirmed that she will return in season two and will have a big role to play.

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