Elder Ring Cancelled or Delayed? Is There Any Release Date

Here is all you need to know about Elden Ring, the action-roleplaying game by Bandai Namco entertainment.

This game comes as a collaboration between fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin and game director Hidetaka Miyazaki. It will be released on Windows, Playstation 4, and also for the Xbox One.

The creators of Dark Souls and the author of A Song of Ice and Fire come together to give you an epic RPG set in a vast realm with a rich and bloody history. There are always many delays when such a grand project as this is announced, like the next book in the Game of Thrones series. Fans of the Dark Souls series and the Game of Thrones lovers are waiting to see what the creators come up with.

Elden Ring Release Dates?

During the E3 event in June 2019, the press conference announced that the game will be out soon. It was announced that it would be along the lines of Soulsborne and the gameplay will be similar to Dark Souls. We can expect a gritty and tough game, tiring, and rewarding at the same time.

The first news came from George R.R. Martin’s blog where he announced that he consulted on some videogame out of Japan.

There is no official date as of yet due to the pandemic condition, but we can expect it to come by late December 2020. The date is not confirmed by any developers or any creators, but the pre-order dates target that date.

Elden Ring Trailer Release

The trailer for Elden Ring is not out yet, again due to the Coronavirus condition. The marketing has been put on hold as well, so the news is yet to come. The team has said that due to other deadlines they have pushed back the release of the trailer. They have also kept the fans in suspense by divulging very little news.

“Building the world of ELDEN RING with Miyazaki-san and his team was a treat! The graphics, mythos, and action-RPG gameplay will deliver an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait for people to see what ELDEN RING has in store for them.” Said George R.R. Martin.

Gameplay – Elden Ring

The E3 Trailer doesn’t give away much about the environment or the setting of the game. It does show some Norse lore and there is a belief that Viking influences will be present due to G.R.R. Martin’s collaboration. This game will be FromSoftware’s biggest game to date given its sheer volume. This gives us the idea that exploration in the open world will be a huge factor in the gameplay. Intricate designs and multi-layered castles are something we can expect to see in the game as was stated by game director Miyazaki to IGN. In the same interview, he also said that there will be drastically different experiences in battle which will create many opportunities for exploration and storytelling.

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