Ed Sheeran Suffolk Becomes Most Googled Search House in UK

People like to know about the lives of their favorite celebrity. In that, they search for their net worth, family, and their lavish life. Now, Ed Sheeran estate is being searched on Google at around 48,000 searches per year. Specifically, people are searching Ed Sheeran Suffolk estate in the UK.

About Ed Sheeran Suffolk House

For five years, Ed Sheeran has been working on making this estate bigger and better. Now, he has made five houses and each of them is really beautiful. Besides this, he has added a pub, hot tub, and a greenhouse. There is also a billiards room, cinema, swimming pool, and a lot more.

Ed worked hard to reach a net worth of around $175 million and now he is creating and expanding his estate.

There are even a wildlife pond and a place where he keeps goats and chickens.

Statistics on Ed Sheeran Suffolk House

According to some reports, people in the UK are searching his house a lot. This ranges to 48,000 searches in just a year. In the UK, the second position goes to Katie Price, her house has 38,500 searches.

On a worldwide scale, Kim Kardashian takes the prize with 168,000 searches on Google. Also, Ed Sheeran’s house has 80,400 searches per year. Also, Ed Sheeran is being featured Top Ten list which is the first-ever position for a celebrity in the UK.

Legal Disputes

Over the years, there have been some legal issues for Ed Sheeran Suffolk House. Just this year, Anthony Robinson and Ed Sheeran had a legal battle. Anthony wanted to expand hm home and Ed was against it. Anthony is Ed’s neighbor. However, the court has given permission to Anthony for expanding his back garden. Anthony is the owner of a home that is worth $600,000.

Anthony’s neighbor wrote letters to support him and convinced the court to allow his garden to be extended.

Besides this, Ed was forced to not swim in his wildlife pond. The reason is that the only reason he was allowed to make this pond was to allow natural habitat to thrive. So, the pond is forbidden to be used as a recreational activity. There are also complains on his sauna. It was also removed because of those.

Updated: May 25, 2020 — 11:01 am

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