Couples Are Enjoying Their Quarantine Days as Nina Dobrev Gives a Haircut to Paul Wesley

Quarantine changed the roles of everyone. Like people are trying things out of the box. This is something which never happened before, having more than enough free time.
Here is one interesting news we brought to you, an actress did a job of hairstylist.

It’s about Nina Dobrev and her new role.

Nina Dobrev, the former actress in a very popular show called ‘The Vampire Diaries’. She is quarantined with her boyfriend. Lucky she!!.. She is taking care of things in this quarantine and styling hair of her boyfriend is one of them.

Nina Dobrev and her boyfriend:

Since the release of the show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ fans had an eye on Nina and Paul Welsey. They assumed that they both were a thing and started their quest to confirm. However, Nina Dobrev directly explained that she didn’t have such type of opinions on him. Paul Welsey is her best friend and nothing more than that.

Who is her boyfriend then?

Well, this came to light recently. Nina is currently dating Shaun White. These were just rumors until she made it official. Nina and Shaun confessed about their relationship publicly and officially through Instagram. Though some fans were quite upset with the news, it was all gone when they watched the couple happy together.

Nina Dobrev gave a haircut to Shaun White:

Nina and Shaun posted a video of them on Instagram a few hours ago. It shows Nina working on the hair of Shaun and oh my god!! She nailed it.

The post of Shaun shows her hard work, really she worked a lot and ended it like a pro. All her celebrity friends appreciated and started asking her to do for them. Funny!! Right?
Now you may wonder when they started dating. well, all that started from New year’s eve, they said.

Anyway, let’s congratulate the new couple for having such a great time together. We hope their bond goes stronger and stronger by every passing day.

Updated: May 29, 2020 — 2:50 pm

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