Chota Bheem And Indumati’s Marriage Trending: People Asking Justice For Chutki

Twitter has a pretty unique way of voicing the rage against unruly practices in society and it unites people from all walks of life into marching for social justice. Twitter has become infamous for lending a platform to ones who absolutely need it and it also has become popular for ranting. If you’re unsure what ranting is, don’t worry, so is the major Populus which is online today. So, ranting is basically using the 280 characters of a Twitter post (previously 140) to state a specific problem a community or an individual is facing and why people should rally behind them to support something in the takedown of ‘Evil’. The cancel culture is now a prolific part of the Twitterverse and to ‘Cancel’ anything is to deem it unpopular forever.

Why is Chota Bheem Trending?

Twitter is once again at the forefront of another justice mission, although this time it walks for justice for a fictional character. The Twitterati’s have time and again stood up for something they believed in or someone they stand for, and this time its Chutki from the Chota Bheem Cartoon. If Twitter worked in Dholakpur, the little village would definitely be up in virtual flames as the people rise up ready to fight for Chutki. The Ladoo eating Bheem is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. The warrior with a monstrous appetite is set to marry Princess Indumati, instead of Chutki his longtime (childhood?) BFF. The couple has had many misadventures together but the marriage with PrincessIndumati has come as a shock to all fans of the show.

Some believe the young lad to be running for the lady with money and power instead of what he had chosen so long ago and that has enraged the Twitterverse. Indian Twitter erupts in support of young Chutki who risked her life and spent so much of her time supporting Chota Bheem. The #JusticeForChutki has risen to the top of the popular Indian Hashtag list and the memes are already stocking up. Make sure you’re on the right side of this war of love(?).

The trending list is definitely bizarre for some because not many of the Twitter population consists of semi-functioning adults who don’t concern themselves with kids shows. But then again, for those who are on Twitter daily, its just another trending hashtags with weird fans and memes around it. So jump on the bandwagon and vote who Chota Bheem should be marrying(Even though they’re all kids and child marriage is wrong?).

Updated: June 5, 2020 — 11:38 am

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