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So Sad That Will Smith ‘Gave His Blessing’ for Wife Jada Pinkett Smith as She Has Affair With Singer August Alsina

Well, we all know about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. We know them both as a couple and popular actors in Hollywood. And it is so sad that their long relationship came to an end as Jada Pinkett is having an affair with August Alsina, a singer. Jada Pinkett met August Alsina through her son […]

Keith Ellison Is All Set to Handle the Case of George Floyd’s Death

Keith Ellison is taking the death case of Geroge Floyd. It was announced on Sunday by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz. They believe that Keith Ellison will do Justice to everyone. Coming to George Floyd’s death. The whole world knows what happened to him. The police, who should protect people were involved in killing them under […]

Naomi Campbell Shares a Very Beautiful Video Hugging a Two Little Kids on Twitter

George Floyd’s death jolted many living blacks and also other people. Everyone is praying for justice to him and others who lost their lives in the name of racism. No matter what happens there are people who fight till the end and to support them many more are raising their voice against racism. ‘Every black […]

What Lil Wayne Has to Say as He Response on George Floyd Murder

Everyone is now seeking justice to ‘George Floyd’ who was brutally killed by policemen in America in the name of Black Men and Racism. While the world is fighting with a pandemic every day and night. Here are some people who never quit racism and every here and there in America someone like George is […]

Adele Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Which She Follow in 2020 Makes her Slim

It is very surprising to know that Adele Lost her weight by following the well-balanced diet plan. She gave the credit for weight loss to the Sirtfood Diet. She appointed a personal trainer, who trained her to lose weight. However, this famous singer, Adele, avoided eating oily, junk food to lose weight. She also avoided […]

Couples Are Enjoying Their Quarantine Days as Nina Dobrev Gives a Haircut to Paul Wesley

Quarantine changed the roles of everyone. Like people are trying things out of the box. This is something which never happened before, having more than enough free time. Here is one interesting news we brought to you, an actress did a job of hairstylist. It’s about Nina Dobrev and her new role. Nina Dobrev, the […]

George Floyd Why Was He Arrested as Incident Growing Day by Day

George Floyd, an African- American man died 4  days ago after being pinned down by a police officer. About George Floyd’s Death On Monday evening, in Minneapolis, police responded to a call from a shopkeeper who said someone was trying to pass over a potentially counterfeit bill. They arrested George Floyd. The surveillance video from […]