Black Mirror Season 6 Delayed? What Is the Reason Behind

You might remember seeing Miley Cyrus back on Television last year, but she’s not back as Hannah Montana. She was one of the stars to cast on the critically acclaimed hit series Black Mirror.

The futuristic world set up in the universe of Black Mirror has left many viewers paranoid and surprised. Black Mirror’s creator Charlie Brooker has been praised for the vision he has shown us. The current world condition has left many wondering if they are part of the Black Mirror world.

Black MirrorĀ 

The limitless inventions this series has shown us is nothing short of fantastic. The way innovation is used to push back the human nature in Humanity points to a grim reality no one could ever envision. The dystopian ‘future’ has something dark and horrid for all of us. Our personal fears amplified and the fears of others are very effortlessly projected onto the viewers.

You are missing out on some of the shared experiences the viewers have had repeatedly. The feeling of uneasiness and assured doom is part of the experience that the creators have worked so far to create. There are 5 seasons currently airing on Netflix, so go and get a subscription quickly.

Is There A Black Mirror Season 6?

The pandemic COVID-19 has forced everybody to stay indoors and has pushed the production of major Television Shows and even movies for a long while. The sixth season of Black Mirror has received the same treatment with Charlie Brooker putting the show on hold indefinitely.

The writer himself is unsure of the audience being able to ‘stomach’ another viewing of the futuristic sci-fi show. The show’s cult following is still demanding another season and the creators say there is nothing stopping them for making the next season. The writer’s stories about society’s imploding has caught the attention of many viewers.

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