Bayonetta 3 Cast, Plot and Confirmed Release Date

The third installment of the famous hack and slash game is here and this is what you should know about it. It was first announced back in 2017 with the teaser trailerĀ at The Game Awards. Hideki Kamiya along with Nintendo announced that Bayonetta 3 was in the works.

Here is a brief of what you should know about the adventure title from SEGA and PlatinumGames. The first game of the series was launched in 2009 and the sequel came in 2014. The sequel did come on the Wii U after it was released for PS3 and Xbox originally.

What is The Story of Bayonetta?

Whether you’re a casual player or even a rampaging Titan, you definitely have heard of the god-tier games that are Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. Well the guy who helped create them, Hideki Kamiya, is the game director of Bayonetta. An impressive introduction sure, but what does the game actually offer you might wonder. This is the story of the lone survivor of her clan and the one destined to keep a balance between light, dark, and chaos. Bayonetta was buried in a tomb and her revival after half a millennium sparks a cataclysmic chain of events with ghastly repercussions.

She is then thrust into battle for her own survival and she must figure out her truth. In the action-packed game, you follow her takedown of angelic villains and giant monsters.

The first game follows Bayonetta on her hunt for the truth by recovering her memory. The sequel followed the tragic tale of the death of her best friend. In an effort to rescue and revive her best friend, she discovers a wicked plot to destroy the balance of the world.

When is Bayonetta 3 Releasing?

The third game is set to launch exclusively for the Switch and not yet available for pre-order. The teaser trailer gives us only a faint look at an unknown enemy. The story remains a secret as not much has been revealed to fans of the series. The first two games are available as a bundle on Switch if you’re looking for a new title to go through. Hellena Taylor voices the main protagonist and you can also hear Grey Griffin as Jeanne.

Although the game was teased to the players a while back the title itself is still in development. According to a Nintendo report, the release date for this game and a lot of the other high-tier games is still TBA, so don’t expect the game to launch anytime this year. There are speculations that the game might release sometime in 2021, so that gives you enough time to have a run through the prequels.

Updated: May 10, 2020 — 3:01 pm

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