All You Need to Know About the Whopping Net Worth of Carry Minati

Ajey Nagar, known by CarryMinati, is an Indian Youtuber. He is a comedian and is one of the top Youtubers in the world.

About CarryMinati

Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati was born on June 12, 1999. He is from Faridabad. He dropped out of school in order to pursue a career being a YouTuber.

Net Worth 

Carry Minati’s net was unknown until recent times. Fans always used to ask him his net worth in his QA sessions but he never used to reveal that information and kept it confidential. Recently Republic World published a report according to which he is worth a whopping 3.8 million, that is 27 crores in Indian Rupees.

YouTube Career 

CarryMinati started posting videos on YouTube from the age of 10. At first, he published videos in which he copied Sunny Deol and played video games. The channel was not a success. In 2015, the channel was renamed Carideol, on which Nagar streamed footage from Counter-Strike: GO, mimicking Sunny Deol. Later, he changed the name of the channel to Cariminati where he started “roasting people”.  In early 2017, he started another YouTube channel called CarryIsLive, where he broadcasts live video gameplays.

His channel started to get fame after releasing “Make Money With BB Ki Wines” as it went viral on almost all social media platforms.

Net worth doesn’t just concern videos from channels that reach millions of views every time without a doubt. He made a lot of money through his association. His recent collaboration was with artist Wily Frenzy on the song Zindagi and Warrior. His other titles include Bye-bye PewDiePie and Trigger released in 2019.

He also has five YouTube Creator Awards. They are Silver Play Button for CarryMinati; Silver Play Button for Carryislive; Gold Play Button for CarryMinati; Gold Play Button for Carryislive; Diamond Play Button for CarryMinati.

His channel CarryMinati has 17 million subscribers whereas his other channel, Carryislive has 4.8 million subscribers. CarryMinati has a total of whopping 1.09 billion views whereas Carryislive has 458 million views.

Being a 20- year old, CarryMinati is a self-made mission are which is a huge accomplishment and an inspiration to others.

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